The club for local kitcar enthusiasts.

The Ulster Kit Car Club - the largest organisation to assemble cars in Ireland since John Z. DeLorean.

The Ulster Kit car Club serves to promote kitcars in the province and to represent the interests of all local owners, builders and enthusiasts of any model of kitcar or special. Enthusiasts south of the border needn't feel excluded as we welcome them to join our ranks too.

The club holds regular monthly meetings, and attends a variety of events during the summer months. Car shows, civic events, local runs, and track days (for the more competitive members) are familiar gatherings. We also try to include some social events in our calender, such as an evening of bowling, slot-car racing or a quiz. In addition to giving our members another reason to get out and about with their cars and meet up, we also take the opportunity to promote kitcars and the club to the public. In doing so we hope to meet other existing (and future!) kitcar enthusiasts.
Check out our Events page for news of future meetings and events.

Of course, to get out and about to events, you have to build your car first, and the club can assist builders in various aspects of this.
With a huge variety of cars, the club's 70-odd members (and I do mean odd!) combine a wealth of know-how when it comes to building and running any of the popular models, and a lot of the stranger ones too. So if you face a challenge in your own project, or you just want to get some real information on the models on your short-list, it's more than likely our members can advise you.
The club holds a 'Tool Pool', a collection of those expensive or seldom used tools which are none-the-less helpful or necessary during a build-up. The Tool Pool includes items such as an engine hoist, engine stand, transmission jack, brake pipe flaring tool, cylinder bore hone and more. These are all made available free to club members.
The club tries to keep abreast of the registration requirements of the DVTA and DVLNI, so the club can advise on the paperwork necessary to get your shiny new Pride & Joy on the road.

To join the UKCC costs £15 for the first year and £10 for subsequent years (renewals are in April). Monthly newsletters report on various items of interest to the club - recent events, news of forthcoming events, technical features, items for sale or wanted.

If there's any other aspect of the club you'd like to know about, or you have any questions on kitcars locally, take a look at our Contact Us page to get in touch.

Darryl Webb,
Club Secretary