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Gordon Conkey's Westfield

The popular Westfield is based on various Ford components. This one is powered by a mildly tuned 1600 CVH engine as found in the XR2 and XR3.

Les Firth's Ginetta G27

Similar performance and handling to the 'Sevens', but with fully enclosed bodywork. This one is powered by a tuned Vauxhall twin-cam.

John Bell's Eagle RV

Clearly inspired by American 4x4s this RV is based on Ford Cortina mechanicals, but with an upgrade to 2.8 V6 power.

Derek Parkins' Westfield

1600 CVH power again for this classy Westfield, retaining the traditional look with BRG finish, biscuit interior and chrome.

Trevor Cuthbert's Pilgrim Sumo

This AC Cobra replica is based on Ford Sierra suspension, but it wouldn't be a Cobra without V8 rumble. This one uses the ubiquitous Rover 3500cc unit.

Brian Thompson's Merlin

Harking back to a bygone era of motoring, this Merlin can cruise at modern speeds due to its use of a complete set of mechanicals from a 2000cc Ford Cortina.

Mark & Lee Boal's
Robin Hood 2B

Robin Hood attract great business by offering extremely affordable, but comprehensive kits based on standard Ford Sierra parts.

Douglas Toal's Sylva Jester

Plenty of economical fun from this smart little roadster thanks to its Ford Fiesta Mk1 donor. A spirited performer too, even with an 1100cc engine.

George Ruddock's JC Midge

Not so much a kit build as a complete home fabrication project, often using parts of the builders choice or construction, but usually Triumph Herald.

Jason Halligan's Sylva Striker

Based entirely on Mk2 Ford Escort parts, including the tuned 1600 crossflow engine. A model with race winning history, this one is also a smart looker.

Len Ball's Marlin Berlinetta

The Ford Cortina based Berlinetta is something of a kitcar classic. This elegant example remains so, despite 15 years of motoring.

Miller McElrea's Westfield

Upgraded from Ford crossflow power to Vauxhall twin-cam power a few years ago, this Westfield remains well-sorted and provides loads of entertainment.

Don Caldwell's Merlin

This Merlin is a few years old, but its Ford Cortina mechanicals still prove reliable on 800 mile round trips to UK mainland kitcar shows.

Paddy Kemp's Hudson Free Spirit

'What the *@&% is that?' Propelled by early Renault 5 parts, in this case 1400cc turbo-charged Gordini power, this freaky tripod is no slouch.

Stephen Traynor's
Quantum 2+2

Making extensive use of Mk2 Ford Fiesta parts, in this case the XR2 hot-hatch, the 2+2 is easily capable of reliable everyday use.

Albert Hannah's Westfield

Westfield follow the familiar '7' format of a finely engineered, race-proven spaceframe chassis. Fitted with a Vauxhall 2000cc twin-cam engine, its a high performance package.

Peter Neary's Heritage pick-up

'G'night John-Boy!' This Ford Model-A replica is based entirely on Ford Sierra components. A Ford V6 engine makes it a bit of a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Keith Boyd's Sylva Striker

With standard Mk2 Ford Escort parts, this Striker was built fairly economically, but still promises great entertainment.

Ken Law's Tiger Super Six

The Tiger is another popular Lotus 7 inspired car. A mildly tuned 2000cc Sierra engine and rear wheel drive in a light car provide plenty of fun.

Rosamund Kirk's Moss Roadster

Using the running gear from a 1600cc Mk2 Ford Escort, this quaint little roadster looks every inch the 1930's 'little red sportscar'.

Darryl Webb's Quantum Sports

Using just about every last part from a Ford Fiesta XR2, this sports coupe is a practical proposition for daily transport, but is suitably different to remain stylish and exclusive.

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Stephen Traynor's Rickman Ranger

Hugely popular in the 80's, this was a practical choice. Based on Mk2 Escort parts, its rugged construction ensures that many are still around today.

Terry Osborough's Aristocat

Replicating an old Jaguar XK model, authenticity is aided by use of Jaguar XJ6 mechanicals.

Sarah Howard's Domino Cabrio

With obvious inspiration, it's not surprising this little car uses all Mini parts. With a re-styled convertible GRP bodyshell, it's cute and fun.

Derek Craig's Locust

The cheapest and most basic of this style of car, it's not as dynamic as more expensive offerings. Locust owners value the economical fun and inventive approach to building.

John Spreadborough's Marlin Roadster

A pretty little period roadster, with styling inspired by 1930's Alfas. Ideal for some relaxed touring.

Wesley Bartley's Quantum 2+2

A modern, stylish convertible that can be put to everyday use. XR2 mechanicals offer reasonable power with reliability.

Brian McGoldrick's Locost 'Barneyblade'

Brian's home-built Locost, with Honda Fireblade engine was completed for the cost of a basic Westfield kit, but is none the worse for that!

Darren Smith's Westfield Megabusa

Just about the ultimate incarnation of bike-powered roadsters, with huge power from the Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc motorcycle.

Sean McGoldrick's Locost

Another Locost built by Brian purely for track use by his brother, Sean. More bike power, courtesy of a Honda CBR1000 engine married to a mixture of Ford suspension.

Rodney Park's Dax Rush

A more muscular interpretation of the 'Seven' concept, again with a wide engine choice, this one powered by the Vauxhall twin-cam.

Raymond McMullen's Rickman Ranger

This is the saloon version of the rugged Ranger series. Powered by Ford Pinto engine, this one is still in regular use after 10 years.

Lewis Hall's Westfield

An older example of the popular Westfield, fitted with a 1600cc Cortina/Sierra engine, which is uncommon. The lightweight Westfield makes good use of it though.

Brian Halligan's Marlin Roadster

Another nice example of this well engineering little car. Older examples user Morris Marina/Ital mechanicals; recent models use the Ford Sierra.

Tony Ablett's Eurosport TR40

An older model, though not technically a kitcar. In fact, it's Italian styling comes from new body panels fitted to a TR7! In this case, Rover V8 power helps.

Charles McCloskey's Westfield

A classic example of an earlier Westfield. Still in superb condition despite occassional sprint and hill-climb use.

Paul Keys' Westfield Megabusa

Mean'n'moody in all black, this Westfield has the goods to deliver scorching performance with its Suzuki Hayabusa power unit.

Drennan McBride's Lamborghini Countach replica

The dramatic Countach has always been a show-stopper, and is no less so in kit form. Ford 5.7 litre power makes suitably aggressive noises.

Alec McLean's Pilgrim Bulldog

The Bulldog was a very popular model during the 80's and 90's, attracting buyers with its simple, but solid engineering. Alec's car has been going strong for 10 years or more.

William Greer's Aristocat

The spirit of the Jaguar XK is reproduced in steel and glass-fibre, with modern Jaguar running gear. Various capacities of the straight-six are common.

Wendy Webb's Quantum 2+2

Originally built from XR2 mechanicals, this 2+2 has been rebuilt with the 1600 Zetec engine from a 1993 Ford Escort.

John Berry's Tiger B6

Like other 'S***n' manufacturers, Tiger also updated their mainstream model to accept bike-power.
John's car is powered by Kawasaki's ZX9R engine.

Drennan MCBride's Excalibur

This Chevrolet Corvette based American model emulates American roadsters of the 1930's, which were markedly different from British models of the same period.

Paul Ayton's
Grinnall Scorpion III

The attention-grabbing Scorpion makes excellent use of the entire drive-train and rear suspension of any BMW K-series motorcycle.

Leslie King's Ford GT40 replica

GT Developments specialise in replicas of Ford's 1960's supercar. Bespoke suspension and Ford brakes manage Rover V8 power.

Alan Stevenson's
Robin Hood 2B

Not necessarily the easiest car to assemble, Robin Hood's aim is to provide an economical, but fun and sporty driving experience.

John Bell's Pilgrim Bulldog

Early Bulldogs were based on Morris Marina parts. Later models, like this recently rebuilt one, were based on Ford Cortina parts.

Jim Johnston's Pilgrim Sumo

A number of companies offer AC Cobra replicas, but Pilgrim gain many sales with their good value and solid Sumo model.

John Proctor's Westfield SE

The Westfield's strong design means plenty of the earlier examples are still around. John's is yet another nicely maintained early Westfield.

Darryl Webb's Metisse

Based on any Ford Sierra derivative you care to use, this super-coupe is propelled by a 2.8 litre V6 with 4WD.

Alan Evan's Westfield

A Ford Zetec 2 litre engine contributes to the modern theme of this tidily assembled Westfield.

Below are a selection of cars owned by our members. As you can see, it's a diverse collection!

Alan Cathcart's Sylva Stylus

The Stylus is dynamically similar to the 'Se*ens', but with a pretty '60s style body. This one is propelled by a Cosworth engine.

Clifford Hannah's Formula 27

Formula 27 were the company who pioneered motorcycle power in these cars. Kawasaki ZX9R powers this lightweight.

Brian Halligan's KVA GT40

It just goes to show what can be hidden in barns around the country. This rare KVA replica of Ford's GT40 is 12 years old but still a stunner.

Graeme Scott's Robin Hood

Built a number of years ago, and now with a Vulcan-tuned 2.1 Pinto engine, this 'Hood still entertains and is a track day regular.

George Green's Quantum 2+2

A well cared for Quantum, again Fiesta XR2 powered, can still cut it among much younger production convertibles.

Andrew Spence's Suzuki Special

Not a kitcar, but a much modified Suzuki SC100. With newly created front and rear bodywork, it's won a host of awards at UK shows.

Jim Parkinson's Locust

rebuilt from a very early example of this budget offering, it still offers great fun on the road and track for pocket money.

Paul Ayton's Quantum Xtreme

The Xtreme is a new interpretation of the 'Se7en' theme, and this one displays a serious attention to detail during the build.

Richard Brown's Banham X99

A very attractive and well executed Audi TT style-alike. It's created by adding new panles to a cut-down Metro.

Jim McFall's Robin Hood 2B

They're a bit popular, these red 'Se7ens'!
Use of stock Sierra parts keeps Robin Hood build costs under control.

Andrew Monington's Quantum Xtreme

Another well-detailed example, right down to the detailing on the carefully tuned Ford Zetec engine.

Bob Hodgins Aristocat

A car that looks every inch the classic British sportscar. Prodigious power is supplied by the 4.2 litre Sovereign engine.

Jim Chalmer's Hawke

a superb little replica of the classic Morgan roadster using Ford Cortina underpinnings